We love our coastal ‘adventures’ – and we think almost anytime we leave the driveway, here on the Nova Scotia coast, we can find a little adventure…  a day trip, a simple hour by the ocean, maybe a wine tour at a vineyard tucked into the hills not far from the Atlantic. There may be longer trips, along the coast of Maine or New Brunswick… where we discover some great coffee, impressive scenery, a perfect spot to get lunch and buy books from a cool used book store. We take pictures galore – far too many to share here, but we’ll try and give you the ‘flavour and feel’ of some of our jaunts, near and far.

Then there are the offerings of our many friends and contacts who are running interesting and dynamic events, restaurants, music venues, shops and kiosks, festivals and so much more. All along the coast.

Some of our posts are completely current – some have taken place over the past couple of years.

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